How to restore a kitchen table – in my way


Over a year ago I got an old wooden table from my neighbours. They are dealing a bit with antiques, but this table was quite damaged so they asked me of I wanted it. I accepted and put it in my greenhouse, covered the top with a tablecloth. Later that summer I started to renovate it. I sanded it and painted it, but the table top was so damaged and I couldn’t sand it enough without destroying it completely.

The top was so damaged so I just gave up after hours of careful sanding.

I painted the table white. Shabby chic – you know.

A year passed and I thought a lot of this table. How can I fix the top? And then I knew! I would put a fabric on the top! Can I? Will it work? Well, I got the table for nothing, so let’s give it a go! I bought a white fabric I liked, some glue intended for wall-materials in wet spaces and a varnish. I also intended to paint on the fabric, but I already had the paint at home. The same paint I used on the wood.

table lim

I painted the top with the glue…

table tyg

…put the fabric on the top.

After an hour of drying I could give it a coat of varnish. 30 minutes later I painted the fabric with the same paint I had used on the wood. Finally I put further two coats of varnish on the fabric.

apple 1

These chairs are called “Äpplet” (The Apple, because of the decoration of an apple on the backrest) and are very popular antique chairs in Sweden.

The seats are originally covered with pergament and are very unconfortable to sit on if you wear a short skirt or shorts. The seat sticks to the back of your thighs when you get up, so I really wanted to put some fabric on the seats.

Kitchentable 4

I have six of these chairs and I thought I could use the same method I used on the table. Later I will do the same with the four chairs that belong to the table.


All done! Well, I have two more…plus the four that came with the table.

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