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Upholstery course no 4 in Gothenburg 1 of 6


Summer course – 2013


Upholstery course II – third time


Today I’ve been working on my two chairs at my course, and at the moment they are resting in my car since it’s pouring outside. I’m going to do some works at home until next time. At the course today I got so inspired by one of the course participants – Linda – when she told me about making furnitures of concrete. I googled and found this nice blog

Here is the link to the furnitures…

This is what I did today:

Searching for fabrics…


This is the way my Emmas looked when I got them…

I’m searching for fabrics with different patterns and in bluish/petrol colors. Yesterday I managed to find two fabrics that I’ll use on my Emma chair (armchair).

This is my inspiration (those of you who follow this blog might recognise it):

Upholstery Course II – First time


Finally the course in upholstery has started again. It was good to see Linda, Victoria, Sofia (our teacher) again, and Malin whom I haven’t met before.

To this first time I brought two armchairs – one for my oldest daughter (the black one) and one for my younger one (the white). It’s good to have two chairs to work on when you are on a course and need some help – you can always work on the other one while waiting for help.