It’s a small world


It’s so nice that you people from all over the world are checking in on my blog. I’m so curios about who you are? Why don’t you write some comments and tell me how you found this blog?//Ewa

Country Views
Sweden FlagSweden 6,539
Germany FlagGermany 75
Åland Islands FlagÅland Islands 59
Finland FlagFinland 51
Norway FlagNorway 34
United States FlagUnited States 32
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 18
Brazil FlagBrazil 13
Iceland FlagIceland 9
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 8
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 7
Spain FlagSpain 6
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 6
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 4
Denmark FlagDenmark 4
Thailand FlagThailand 3
 FlagEU 3
Japan FlagJapan 3
Austria FlagAustria 2
Greece FlagGreece 2
Philippines FlagPhilippines 2
Ireland FlagIreland 2
Italy FlagItaly 1
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 1
France FlagFrance 1
Serbia FlagSerbia 1

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